Nook Books and Cyber Writers

That was my attempt at rhyming.  That was the best I could do.  This is why I don’t write poetry.

I just got a Nook!  And I love it!

Originally, I resisted the e-reader.  I was considering it mostly for school, so that I could use it for articles, because I HATE reading things on the computer.  Not websites and blogs, but PDFs or stories.  Unless it is an exceedingly long article, I usually print out the articles I use for my academic work.  I realize this can be construed as a waste of paper, but it is the only way I can force myself to read them.  This way I can highlight, take notes and feel like I am engaging with the material.  There is something about being able to sift through papers, the feel of flipping to a new page.    This is also why I am convinced the physical book will never die, despite the convenience of the e-reader.  And nothing smells quite as comforting as an old book.

Well, none of the e-readers seem to support the functions I originally wanted in one.  (The possible exception is the I-Pad, but that is far too expensive for me at the moment.  One day, maybe.  You know, when there is something far cooler available that I still won’t be able to afford.)  This is probably because the e-reader was not designed for the academic, but for the more general reader, something of which this world has far more.

I would also like to point out at this time, because there are certain stories I can’t help but tell, that my 10-year old self was prophetic regarding the e-reader.  First, to give you some idea of how long ago this was, going to the movies cost less than $3.00, you could fill up your car with gas for about $15.00, the U.S. president ate jelly beans, and the future was Back to the Future.  My 10-year old self started writing a story called, Escape?  Descriptive, huh?  Anyway, it took place in the future.  There were aliens and spaceships and…electronic handheld diaries, in which the main character stored all her books, reference materials and wrote in her diary.  She lamented the loss of the feel of a paper book in her hand, but as her family was to embark on a long space voyage, there simply wasn’t room for physical books.  Yeah, I suppose it was inevitable that computers would get smaller and smaller. Nevertheless, I like to think it was prophetic of my 10-year old self.

Today, many years later, I finally have my own handheld diary…except, I can only read on it.  I decided to finally cave in and buy one because my interest in its capabilities have changed.  Ever since I decided that, once I am done with the Ph.D., I need to start working on my creative writing again, I have been thinking about the self-published e-books already available.  I have come across a variety that I want to read, but like I said above, I HATE reading on my computer.  I can’t snuggle with my laptop in bed.  So, my reasons for wanting an e-reader shifted.  Instead of wanting one to aid in research, I started wanting one for its intended purpose: fun reading.

I was also thinking that I should probably know what kinds of things are being self-published, because, when the time comes, chances are that, if I want my book published, I will have to do it myself.  Today, this is a much more exciting prospect than it was 10 years ago.  So, just like “writers read,” I figure “self-published authors read self-published novels.” And I’m having a ball so far.  SO much interesting stuff available.  It never ceases to amaze me the depths of people’s imaginations, even with a story that has been told time and again.

Which leads me to my next point: Cyber Writers.  You guys are awesome!

This is the first blog I’ve started that has had a well-defined theme involving a subject to which I am dedicated.  It is also my first blog to have actual readers.  Before I started it I was convinced that no one wanted to read yet another blog about writing.  There are so many out there already.  What I failed to consider was that it does not matter:  writers write and writers read, and writers write and read about writing.  Just in the couple of weeks since I’ve started this, I feel like I’ve learned so much.

And my eyes have been opened to the writing community.  There are so many of us, from those with several books already under the belt to virtual beginners like myself.  And it seems like there are so many supportive, encouraging voices out there.  Such a wonderful community.  I really appreciate that and I thought I would let you all know.

Y’all are awesome!  Thanks!


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2 thoughts on “Nook Books and Cyber Writers

  1. I have an Kindle and an iPad. I like reading on the Kindle better with the E-Ink display, because it’s easier on the eyes than the backlit display on the iPad or Kindle Fire. I would only get the iPad and any of the other color e-readers if you want to use the Cloud Reader or any of the other tablet apps and surf the Web and read books in color. But if you just want to read books, then I’d suggest opting for the cheaper ink Kindle reader. It’s also much lighter than the iPad and even print books.

  2. Thanks for the comments! Well, I did end up getting a Nook and I LOVE it. It, also, is not back-lit, which I like. And I like being able to use multiple formats with it (I don’t know if this is an option with the Kindle or not).

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