Time, time, time – where do you go?

Wow, it has been two weeks since I’ve posted anything.  I swear, as I get older time seems to speed up.  It slips away so quickly.

Well, I am still not finished with my dissertation.  I still have not started my write-a-book-in-a-month project.  And I still do not have a job.  What have I been doing for the past two weeks?  I am not entirely sure.  How does the time fly by so quickly without any visible productivity on my part?  *sigh* I have been distracted with a video game – one that has not even been officially released yet.  I have upgraded my computer to play said video game. I have 25 new books on my Nook.  I sent out one job application.  And I coded 50 articles.  In two weeks, these are my accomplishments.  That accounts for maybe 20 hours of work, in 14 days.  *sigh*

I have always had a problem with motivation and procrastination.  Stick a deadline in my way and I will wait until the last minute, BUT it is enough to get my butt in gear and I WILL finish.  I always have.  Give me all the time in the world to finish a project and I putz around and never finish it.  And giving myself deadlines has never worked very well.

So here I am.  A month before said game releases.  At the end of my self-imposed deadline to finish the dissertation.  On the verge of the summer.  Responsibilities piling up and what am I doing?  I am researching Fall 2012 television premieres.  There are a few really interesting looking shows, but there is so much I have to get done between now and then!!

That is all.  I have not abandoned my writing dreams.  I have not forgotten about my blog.  I am just trying to find a way to force myself to deal with the responsibilities I am dreading, especially finishing the dissertation.

Like driving an old car without power-steering, I am trying to turn myself around to get back on track, but it feels like I just keep putting one hand over the other, over and over, turning that wheel…

Any ideas to motivate myself?

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5 thoughts on “Time, time, time – where do you go?

  1. well hi there fellow procratinator

  2. Lol. Hi there! I know there are a ton of us out there. Sometimes it boggles me how society doesn’t crumble with us running around loose.

  3. Hmm–I’m trying to think what game it is you’re playing. At first I thought “Secret World,” but I didn’t think it’s system requirements were that high, so now I’m thinking it must be something else. About a month ago I was having real trouble focusing, and I actually installed parental controls on my own computer. I only allowed websites directly related to research, and nothing else. Even though I knew the password to get around the parental controls (which I made a long, random string of characters–difficult to memorize and type in quickly), just have the wall there often prevented me from getting distracted. Another option, if you really don’t trust yourself, would be to give the password to a friend and then you’ll be forced to work.

    • You’re right about the game. The system requirements are not that high, but my computer was bottlenecking. It probably won’t be as bad when the game comes out, but there was a deal on a quad core processor, so I decided to upgrade so that I wouldn’t have to worry about whether it was my computer or the game.

      That’s an interesting idea about putting parental controls on my computer. I wonder if it would work for me. Maybe I’ll try and figure out how to do that. The tomato-system I wrote about a few weeks ago worked for me, when I used it, but I think I have been lacking motivation due to lack of a deadline, so even when I have used it over the past couple of weeks it has not been terribly effective. It occurred to me today too that maybe I should have my advisor give me a deadline, but I am less than ecstatic with her at the moment…

      Anyway, thanks for the suggestion!

  4. The only thing I can say is what works for me. Usually, when I need to get something done and am having trouble motivating myself either because I really don’t want to work on it or I’m surrounded by too many distractions, I go to a local coffee shop and vow to stay there until I reach a goal I set for myself. I also turn off my internet and leave all my reading material at home. Power through that dissertation first, I think, then worry about writing and the blog. Also, don’t apologize for not being around! Let this blog be for you, not for us. If you need time, take it. If you don’t have time, use what you do have towards what needs to get done now. I know what you mean by deadlines. Same thing for me. I’ve been piddling about, taking my sweet time writing this short story I’m working on…for two months. I’m within a stone’s throw of finishing and I just can’t get myself to write more than a sentence or two a day. I said I’d get it done by the 15th and as you can see, it’s the 21st. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll get there. I’m sure you’ll push through and find the motivation. Good luck!

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