I got a little distracted…

Yeah… There was vacation, then the step-son for a week, then a crazy week of spring-cleaning… That was pretty much the last month.  Hmm…that’s only three weeks though.  Well, I am sure I wasted a week or two in there somewhere.  But, wow, I can’t believe it has been over a month since my last post.

My dissertation is still in process.  *big sigh* I’ll get there “soon.”  I absolutely have to finish it by the end of this month though (I haven’t said that in a previous month already, did I?).  I really want to finish it now, though, because in addition to this whole “becoming an author” thing, I have decided on my next avenue of research and would really like to get started with that as soon as possible.  And, of course, the longer it takes to finish the diss, the longer all those other plans get postponed.  This means, for instance, I have made no progress on that novel I decided to write.

Okay, full disclosure here…I’ve been playing a video game.  I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but my name changed to Verity.  This is because I have started a blog for her and unfortunately, the name that shows up as author of my threads has to be the same across all of my WordPress blogs.  (If I am missing something and this isn’t true, please let me know.  Thanks!)

Verity is a character in The Secret World, which came out just over a week ago and is AWESOME!  It is an MMO, which basically means that I am playing this game with a bunch of other people all around the world.  One of the things I like to do when I play MMOs is roleplay.  I like to inhabit my character and live out her life in-game.  The Secret World is cool, because instead of being a fantasy-based game, it takes place in an alternate version of our real world, which means that using social media, like blogs and Facebook, is totally acceptable.  The blog I keep for her is “in-character,” which means it is written as though she were real and experiencing the things she is in-game. (I know some of you already know these terms, but for those of you who do not…)

For awhile now I have wanted to write a post about roleplaying.  This is not that post.  But, I wonder sometimes if the roleplaying saps creative juices that I should be funneling into writing my novel (let alone finishing my dissertation).

Anyway, if anyone has wondered, that is why my name is now Verity and my new blog may seem a little strange.


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5 thoughts on “I got a little distracted…

  1. I tried out The Secret World for a bit. It is indeed immersive with puzzle-based quests like in The Longest Journey. It’s fun and refreshing but makes me have to think too hard. I prefer to save my thinking cap for my writing. So, I went back to playing WoW, which I already know how to play.

    Have you played single-player RPGs like Dragon Age Origins or any other BioWare RPGs? I love roleplaying those. I also played Star Wars the Old Republic MMO until I completed the Sith Warrior storyline. I unfortunately got bored with the gameplay, but I enjoyed the storytelling.

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    I know what you mean about the investigation quests. If you don’t want to cheat (which I don’t) some of them can be really taxing on the brain. Apparently, I haven’t even done some of the hardest ones yet.

    I played SWTOR in beta briefly, but it didn’t seem to hold my attention. I played LOTRO for years and loved it. And so far, I’m having a ball with TSW.

    I haven’t played any of those single-player games. My husband plays /everything/ though and there have been some that look really cool. But, as far as the roleplaying goes, I like to do it with other players, kind of like collective storytelling (which kind of necessitates an MMO).

    However, I do have similar concerns as you in that regard. I worry sometimes that the roleplaying, which does take a lot of time and creative energy, is sapping my creative juices and not leaving much for my non-game creative writing.

  3. Hey, I started playing TSW again. I got bored with WoW and wanted to play those puzzle missions. My Illuminati character in TSW is named Wilycougar. I also have a Dragon, but haven’t played her much. Do you mind if I add Verity as a friend? Maybe we can group up sometime. Which faction did you choose? I think moderating gametime with writing time helps. Writing is isolating, so I use MMOs as an escape from isolation. And when I come back to my writing, I usually feel renewed and excited again.

  4. Yeah! Totally! Add Verity as a friend. I haven’t been on in a couple days myself. Busy with RL and such. Verity’s Templar. She’s my only character so far and the past week I’ve been pretty much been exclusively in London roleplaying.

    What you say about moderating gametime makes a lot of sense. I’ve always been really bad about that. I play and play and play. And then I’m like, I’m not getting anything done! So, I just don’t allow myself to log on for a bit. I wish I could say, I’m going to play for three hours max and that’s it! And actually stick to it, but that rarely happens, because I’m having so much fun! And then I stay up too late.

    But, on the other hand, writing, like you say, can be very isolating and I can see how playing can provide a needed break from that. And my guild leader, who also writes, says that for him, roleplaying /helps/ him with the writing. For myself, I guess I can see how this could help me as well. I’m really bad at dialogue, but roleplaying in an MMO is largely about dialogue, so at the very least it gives me practice and grants me confidence that I don’t totally suck at it.

    So, I’ll add Wilycougar to my list too and look for you in game! I’m glad you’re back in tsw and enjoying it. 🙂

    • Okay, cool 🙂 My Templar name is Batsheba. So now I have one of each faction. I haven’t decided which one will be my main yet. Re: PNR category. I think it’s just a publishing label. there’s so many of them now giving them a separate aisle makes it easier for women (and men who like sparkly things) to go at them. PNR is so mainstream that there are probably readers who don’t read fantasy but only read PNR. And PNR is very formulaic and geared towards women. It’s more romance than fantasy IMO.

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