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So, this is totally random, but…

I swear a lot.  I swear a lot in English.  I swear a lot in Spanish.  Sometimes I make up my own swear words.  For example, sometimes instead of saying “shit,” I say “shyster.”  I have no idea why.  I don’t know where this came from.  I don’t know anyone else who says this.  I’ve always assumed I’m a weirdo and the only one who uses this word in this way.  My husband agrees with me.

Well, tonight I was watching some clips for a new fall show, “Ben and Kate.”  Ben does not seem like a very likable character to me and I’m not sure this is a show I will be following come the fall, BUT…

He is in the car with his 5 year old niece and something upsets him.  He really, really wants to swear, but feels like he can’t, so he starts saying random nonsense and at one point starts singing:  “Sh-, sh-, shy-, shy-, shyster!”

Crazy!!  Apparently, some writer somewhere understands that “shyster” is a reasonable euphemism for “shit.”

…I said it was random.  I was just so shocked that I felt I had to throw this out into Internet-land.  I’m not a lone weirdo after all!

Anyone else have any weird ways of swearing that make people look at them funny?

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Pub(lishing) Crawl

I am still plugging away on my dissertation.  The past three or four days I got distracted doing other things, but I still feel like I am close to being done.  I was hoping to be done by this Friday, but I’m not done with the Appendix chapter yet!  It is ridiculous how much time I have spent on the Appendix!  Anyway, I MUST finish it before the school year starts…

But that is not the purpose of this post.

I just wanted to share this blogsite with anyone out there who is interested and hasn’t already discovered it:

I absolutely love it!  It seems like every morning there is a fresh, new post by some author or editor.  While I have not even begun a fiction manuscript yet, I always find their posts interesting, informative and inspiring.  It is also not a bad place to discover some new books.

So, there you have it.  Check it out.  Enjoy!

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Vent regarding gaming forums

I just have one question:

What is it about gaming forums that, no matter how well thought-out or constructed your comment is, people will find the one thing you didn’t express quite right or somehow misconstrue your entire post, so that you come out looking like the selfish prick who is trying to godmode or something?  Is it just gaming forums?  Or is it just roleplaying gaming forums?  Or maybe its just the Internet?

*heavy sigh*

Seriously, though.  Sometimes I wonder why I even bother.

Whew!  I had to get that out somewhere.  Thanks.  Obviously, I didn’t want to post that on the gaming forum for fear someone would misunderstand and it would turn into an argument.



This is funny, but after I posted this, the following is the writing quote WordPress gave me:

“Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.” ~ Carol Burnett


So, maybe it is just that I have traitorous words that plot against me.  Maybe that’s my problem.  Hmm…that’s an interesting concept.  I think I may have to explore it further.

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Poor Matthew Perry

Okay, here’s another post NOT directly related to writing, but rather one of my other loves: television.  Except that this experience was so bad, I felt compelled to blog about it.

“Go On” is Matthew Perry’s new sitcom.  It airs September 11, but Hulu has a preview of the first episode.  In a word, BAD.  Actually, that isn’t descriptive enough.   It is REALLY bad.  HORRENDOUSLY bad.  Literally cringe-worthy.  I’m not sure there is really anything to spoiler in this show, but if that matters to you, here’s your warning.

I wanted to like this show, because I like Matthew Perry.  I thought Mr. Sunshine was not bad, actually.  It had some good moments.  There is nothing redeemable about Go On.  Well, okay, there’s Tyler James Williams.  It’s kinda fun to see him all growed up.  And he had the best line of the episode: “March Sadness.”  John Cho is in it too, but the pilot episode has very little of him.

Here is my major problem with this show.  There are no real moments in the entire show.  It is filled entirely with cliches from other shows, but has no unique moments whatsoever.  And it is entirely unbelievable.  Matthew Perry comes back to work after a whole month off because his wife died in a car accident.  Now, I get that it takes longer than a month to grieve in that situation, but what job do you know of that says, “Go home, you’re back too early.”  The office where he works (which is much too bright and shiny for a talk radio station, by the way) cares far more about his mental health than anything in the office, which is just not realistic.  But I get it, it’s a sitcom.

They tell him he needs group therapy because Continue reading

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