So, this is totally random, but…

I swear a lot.  I swear a lot in English.  I swear a lot in Spanish.  Sometimes I make up my own swear words.  For example, sometimes instead of saying “shit,” I say “shyster.”  I have no idea why.  I don’t know where this came from.  I don’t know anyone else who says this.  I’ve always assumed I’m a weirdo and the only one who uses this word in this way.  My husband agrees with me.

Well, tonight I was watching some clips for a new fall show, “Ben and Kate.”  Ben does not seem like a very likable character to me and I’m not sure this is a show I will be following come the fall, BUT…

He is in the car with his 5 year old niece and something upsets him.  He really, really wants to swear, but feels like he can’t, so he starts saying random nonsense and at one point starts singing:  “Sh-, sh-, shy-, shy-, shyster!”

Crazy!!  Apparently, some writer somewhere understands that “shyster” is a reasonable euphemism for “shit.”

…I said it was random.  I was just so shocked that I felt I had to throw this out into Internet-land.  I’m not a lone weirdo after all!

Anyone else have any weird ways of swearing that make people look at them funny?

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