Yesterday morning I got distracted by Cristian de la Fuente and his Chilean dialect –> here, particularly 8:04, for you Spanish speakers.

It has been over ten years since I have been around Spanish like that; these days, when people do speak to me in Spanish it is usually in a much more neutral dialect.  So, I spent the morning surfing YouTube for more videos about chilenismos and the particularities of Chilean Spanish.  A few other videos I particularly enjoyed were: a clip from a Chilean talk show, a rather humorous video by a kid named Abel Brignardello (especially 0:18), and another entertaining one by “Nick”  (particularly 4:47).   Some of the comments say Nick sounds Mexican, but I really don’t know why; he sounds very Chilean to me.  Also, beware that there is a lot of swearing in these videos and if you follow the link to Abelbrigna’s second video, the images for “raja” are… a bit graphic.  I was looking for clips of really slangy Chilean Spanish.

I don’t know how many of you speak Spanish or can relate to the feelings/memories a particular dialect of a foreign language can evoke, but I got lost in these videos.  They made me miss Chile and miss speaking Spanish in a context that does not involve a classroom.  They made me miss my youth, which, I suppose is something to which we can all relate.  I was in Chile a couple of years ago, but it was for research, which means that the relationships I forged were largely professional.  I made friends with some of the ladies in my neighborhood, but it wasn’t the same as being part of a family, which was the experience I had had in a different part of Chile ten years before that.  I would not want to relive that time in my life now, but it was a good time that helped to shape who I am today.

Well, I guess I am just feeling nostalgic and thought I would share these videos with you.  I was supposed to  be participating in NaNoWriMo, but it turns out I will have to put all my energy into revising my dissertation.  The story I had in mind to write this month took place in Chile.  It was kind of a prequel/backstory to another story I have wanted to write for some time now.  Ah, well, one day…one day I will finally be done with this dissertation and this degree and I will be able to focus on other endeavors…One day…

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