Why I still watch Castle

Non-writing related post here.  I just wanted to say that this last episode of Castle, “The Final Frontier,” was not only awesome, but the reason why I still tune in to this television show.

Castle is one of those shows on television right now (along with Bones) that started off really good, but over the past couple of seasons has seemed to have lost its drive.  I’m not really sure where the writers can take Castle that will keep it on my “must-see-TV” list.  I love me some Nathan Fillion, mind you, which is largely what has kept me watching thus far.  I also really enjoy the relationship between John Huertas’ and Seamus Dever’s characters.  However, if the writers can manage to keep putting out episodes like “The Final Frontier” and even “Probable Cause” (the episode before last, which wasn’t bad), I will keep watching.

So, for sci-fi nerds and lovers of Nathan Fillion and Joss Whedon, this episode is a must see.  And, you’ll be happy to know, there were just the right amount of Firefly references without overdoing it.


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3 thoughts on “Why I still watch Castle

  1. I too love Bones and Castle. Since I do not have cable and refuse to get cable ever again, I have to wait until either Amazon or Netflix has the shows.

    • Oh, I don’t have cable either. I watch them on Hulu. I do pay for Hulu Plus, so I don’t know if they are on the regular Hulu or not. I haven’t had cable in more than a decade – it is too expensive and it is a time sink, despite the fact there is nothing on. I do like me some HGTV though.

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