Why I still watch Castle, Part II

Castle Season 5 Episode 16 Hunt

Christopher Heyerdahl and Nathan Fillion

Last year I posted about a fun episode of Castle. Well, last night’s episode rivaled that one and by the end, had me in tears, sobbing about how awesome it was.

I’m going to talk about the episode a bit, but my real reason for this post is to mention Lee Lofland, who has a really interesting blog called The Graveyard Shift.  I stumbled across his blog, because I have recently decided upon a new story to write. This one is a mystery, so while I was doing some research, I came across his book, Police Procedure and Investigation.

Lofland is a veteran police investigator with a broad range of experience who currently consults, speaks and writes about police procedure and crime scene investigations in entertainment media. His blog always seems to have fascinating stories about his experience or events going on in contemporary society. Additionally, he and Melanie Atkins, a romance suspense writer, review each episode of Castle. They have very different perspectives, but recently I have found myself excited to watch just so I can go to Lofland’s blog afterwards and find out what kinds of things they had to say about it. Lofland gives a wonderful critique of the accuracy of police procedure, while maintaining a respectful attitude towards the fact that television’s primary goal is to entertain, not to accurately reflect reality. If you’re a fan of Castle, or Southland, or mystery writing, or police procedure, I strongly suggest you check out his blog.

Season 5, Episode 16, “Hunt”

Castle Season 5 Episode 16 Hunt

James Brolin as Jackson Hunt

At the beginning of this episode’s review, Lofland states: “Believable make-believe. That’s the cornerstone of a good work of fiction.” Shortly thereafter he acknowledges that this may be the best episode of Castle thus far. I must say, it is hard to disagree with that sentiment. While a lot of crazy things went on in this episode, the suspense and the twists had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I even paused it when I ran to the kitchen to get something to drink. While I recognized that there were dubious technology moments, I didn’t care because the plot this week was just so good.


I’d just like to add a couple of comments. First of all, LOVED the guest stars in this episode, especially Christopher Heyerdahl. His characters are always so interesting. This was no less true in this week’s episode of Castle. In fact, I was kind of sad that he had a to die. Even after the betrayal, I would have liked for him to have had the opportunity to redeem himself. After all, he was only doing what was in his best interest. 

James Brolin as “Jackson Hunt” was also fun. For a 70-something year-old spy, he seemed awfully capable. Nevertheless, I liked his character and I loved the interactions, however brief, he and Nathan Fillion’s character had. Speaking of…

Yay! Nathan Fillion got to shine last night! And everything his character did spoke truth to me. I could totally buy a middle-aged, rich author with connections because of his research interests going to Paris to save his only daughter. “Believable make-believe.”

I’ll be honest though, I was half hoping that Alexis turned out to the be the spy. I was not expecting Castle’s dad, but enjoyed the twist; however, I still wanted Alexis to be the spy. Although, that would make her not a very good spy to have gotten caught so quickly. Also, she is only a freshman in college and while old enough to be recruited, probably not old enough to have been trained properly to have actually done any spy-work yet. There’s still time. And now we know it runs in the family.

I am glad they focused on the non-police characters in this episode. I really didn’t care much about what was going on back in New York, other than to worry they would mess something up for Castle. Also, other than a couple of things (like being able to access French security cameras), it was fairly realistic that neither the NYPD nor the FBI could have done much in this situation.


I only have two. Atkins thinks they did a great job of putting Castle in Paris, even though Nathan Fillion was never actually there. I would add a caveat to that statement. All the sets were awesome and felt like Paris. I just wish they had done a better job with the green screens, because there were at least two scenes in which all I could think was, “Ugh, it is so obvious he’s standing in front of a green screen.” Believable make-believe people! If I am that aware of the green screen, it breaks my suspension of disbelief.

Secondly, and this isn’t exactly a complaint so much, but is Castle going to tell his mother? Because that seems like a bad idea to me. Sure, she probably has a right to know, but if he tells her the truth, that could be dangerous for his father. I adore her character, but she does not seem like the type to easily keep a secret. Although, yeah, it is a pretty big one and she can probably handle it.

That is all. Hope you enjoyed the episode as much as I did.

Hey, you don’t think that the reason I am not finishing any books or making progress in the job search has anything to do with the fact that I watch too much television and then take the time to blog about it, do you?

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