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Wow, I cannot believe how long it has been since I have written a post for this blog. Maybe I should wait until July so I can say it has been a year. Nah!

I’ve thought a lot about re-starting this blog. I had even written an article explaining one of the reasons why I stopped, but I never published it (I was looking for a job and was paranoid about publishing opinions or thoughts that would prevent potential employers from wanting to hire me. See, I was under the assumption that my blog was anonymous because my real name is not associated with it anywhere, except I have several blogs, a couple of which no one has EVER visited. Then one day, I had a visit on all my blogs. I figured it was potential employer. It freaked me out that they could know my inner most thoughts without having ever met me. But I digress.)

I have a job now. Yay? I hate it and I feel like I am wasting my time. *looks over shoulder to see if present employer knows about this blog and is reading this post*

I shouldn’t complain, I know. My job is not THAT bad, but I have some concerns… Anyway, I am making small steps at changing my situation. It was hard looking for a job when I had a time crunch, which makes looking for a new job now even that much more like pulling teeth. You would think that my contempt for what I am doing would spur me on, but alas, my procrastination and laziness win out more often than I would like to admit.

Back to the point. Continue reading

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Knowledge Hoarding, or Academic Miserliness

This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately and probably deserves to be addressed in a proper essay rather than a quickly composed  blog post, but here goes.

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Online libraries restricted to public access

I am currently an adjunct teaching at a tiny, private school [read: part-time, underpaid & few resources]. This semester I am teaching an advanced undergraduate level course. They are awesome students and I am constantly amazed at their dedication. One of the things I am trying to emphasize is the importance of reliable, peer-reviewed sources. When I was still in grad school and had access to my huge university’s online databases I did not notice this problem so much, but this semester has been exceeding frustrating for both myself and my students. Trying to find relevant, reliable and peer-reviewed sources that are ACCESSIBLE feels nigh impossible most days. My school’s databases are limited and hard to navigate, therefore I often use Google Scholar to find citations. This week, it took me at least three times as long as it should have to find a couple of relevant articles for my class* because every time I came across a citation online that looked perfect, it was only available on Jstor, to which I do not have access. Well, to be fair, Jstor has made a limited number of their articles available, but when I just searched through this limited selection, I could find nothing relevant. Continue reading

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