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Knowledge Hoarding, or Academic Miserliness

This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately and probably deserves to be addressed in a proper essay rather than a quickly composed  blog post, but here goes.

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Online libraries restricted to public access

I am currently an adjunct teaching at a tiny, private school [read: part-time, underpaid & few resources]. This semester I am teaching an advanced undergraduate level course. They are awesome students and I am constantly amazed at their dedication. One of the things I am trying to emphasize is the importance of reliable, peer-reviewed sources. When I was still in grad school and had access to my huge university’s online databases I did not notice this problem so much, but this semester has been exceeding frustrating for both myself and my students. Trying to find relevant, reliable and peer-reviewed sources that are ACCESSIBLE feels nigh impossible most days. My school’s databases are limited and hard to navigate, therefore I often use Google Scholar to find citations. This week, it took me at least three times as long as it should have to find a couple of relevant articles for my class* because every time I came across a citation online that looked perfect, it was only available on Jstor, to which I do not have access. Well, to be fair, Jstor has made a limited number of their articles available, but when I just searched through this limited selection, I could find nothing relevant. Continue reading

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I’m Back? Or, The Story of My Dissertation Journey

*Brushes the dust off her blog and takes a look around.*

–WARNING: Extremely long post… I got carried away —

When I started this blog, I intended it to help me record my journey into the world of writing fiction.  The problem is I jumped into it before I was ready, really.  Way back in April, or whenever that was, I decided that the next thing I want to accomplish is finally finishing a novel.  Since then I’ve also decided I want to try playing Starcraft, so I can write an article about gender & esports.  That was back in June, I believe.  Recently, I’ve added another project to my list: learning SQL.  I’ve always wanted to learn a computer language.  Knowing SQL isn’t the MOST relevant language I could learn, but I want to build my own database to help me keep track of all the resources I’ve found during the course of writing my dissertation.  (I know there are some out there already and I haven’t tried them all, but the ones I have tried, I didn’t like.)

That probably gives you some insight into how my mind works.  I get excited over a new project, but I jump from project to project pretty quickly.  However, since finishing this dissertation and this degree has been  a 10 year process, it wasn’t something I could let slip away.  So, for the past 9 months I have been denying myself.  Facebook.  Video games.  Fun books.  Crafts.  Friends.  All I have done for the past 9 months (well, except for most of June – I took that month off) is sit in this room, in this chair in front of my computer.  But I made myself do it because I don’t want to have wasted the past 10 years.  The Secret World premiere came, I played for a couple of weekends and then had to stop playing.  Guild Wars 2 premiered and I played for a couple of weekends, and had to stop.  Pub(lishing) Crawl keeps posting these awesome-looking new books that are coming out.  Some of the new author blogs I follow announce the release of their book.  I can’t even remember the last fiction book I finished.  Honestly, I think it was The Passage, but I finished that three months ago.

At some point this summer, I started having a ridiculous feeling – I didn’t want to jinx anything  or something.  So I started denying myself writing in this blog too.  I wanted to be able to write about writing, but I wanted to finish the dissertation before I did that.  So, I started denying myself this blog too…except for the couple of unrelated posts I felt compelled to post (as you can see, television is the one thing I did not deny myself.  I did, however, limit my consumption).

Well, I FINISHED A COMPLETE DRAFT OF MY DISSERTATION!!!  It’s not the final draft, and Continue reading

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