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Day 1

Well, I have no outline. No scene list. No complete list of main characters. And, there are some serious decisions I still need to make.

BUT, I have 1,760 words towards my goal of 50,000. Yay, me!

I took care of my other responsibilities before I allowed myself to write today. I really want to accomplish this NaNo goal, but I really, really need a job. So, I applied to a job (which took longer than anticipated. I swear those online job applications are designed like weeder courses: they frustrate applications to see who is really serious about applying for the job). I already know which job I wanted to apply for today. Tomorrow will be busy with some other commitments, but I need to find a job, apply to it, go grocery shopping AND find 2.5 hours to pump out my 1,667 words. Think I’ll be able to sustain my productivity throughout July?

I am not wholly sure I understand why I’ve been dragging my feet with this job search thing. Well, part of it is wondering how I am going to ever get anything not job-related done once I have a full-time job: my days pass so quickly and seem so full of obligations rights now. When will I have time to clean? When will I have time to cook? When will I have time to wash clothes? Am I supposed to fit all that into the weekend? I also know part of it is because I am scared of having an 8 to 5 job. I spent the past 10 1/2 years in grad school, which essentially means I set my own schedule. I’m scared of being in the “real” work force. But I also want to be able to buy a house sometime in the near future and be able to start a family. So, I’ve made it a goal this month to write 1,667 words of my novel every day, but before I can do that, I need to apply to at least one job. Every day. Maybe that isn’t enough. Maybe I should be applying to more jobs in a day. But, at least one job app a day is better than one job app a month, which is what I have been averaging. Although, come August, if I still do not have a job, I am going to start freaking out about not having a job. At that point maybe I will start spamming.

Sometimes family members give me advice, but I know that, at the moment at least, it is my own fault I can’t find a job: I’m not really looking very hard. I’ve never had to look that hard for a job before. I’ve been really lucky about things falling in my lap. Well, that and finding teaching assistant gigs followed a regular pattern. I have been really lucky. But, the job market sucks now and I’ve never looked for a “real” job before. I keep telling myself it doesn’t have to be the job I stay in, and if I don’t like what I end up doing I can look for something else. In the meantime, though, I need a salary so I’ll still be able to pay the bills come August. My modus operandi is usually to wait until the last minute and let the deadline stress spur me towards my goal. Well, I keep waiting for that kick in, but it hasn’t yet. I don’t really want to be stressed, but I also would like it to kick in soon.

Okay, enough about my job woes. I have 1,760 words of my story! (Did you notice my bar to the right has some color on it now?)

It has been a long time since I have dedicated myself to writing. Today was kind of cool. I probably spent too much time looking things up (What is that hairstyle called they wore in the 20s and 30s? What kind of animals are indigenous to northern Norway? What are antique hat boxes made of?). Nevertheless, I feel like I had a scene in my mind and the words kept coming. I just need to meet myself at the computer for 2.5 hours everyday and allow/force myself to write. I know this sounds both trite and obvious, but today it really seemed like all I had to do was show up and the rest took care of itself.

Anyway, to all my fellow NaNoWriters, I hope your first day was as satisfying as mine. And here’s to every day in July being even more productive than my first day was.


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Why I still watch Castle, Part II

Castle Season 5 Episode 16 Hunt

Christopher Heyerdahl and Nathan Fillion

Last year I posted about a fun episode of Castle. Well, last night’s episode rivaled that one and by the end, had me in tears, sobbing about how awesome it was.

I’m going to talk about the episode a bit, but my real reason for this post is to mention Lee Lofland, who has a really interesting blog called The Graveyard Shift.  I stumbled across his blog, because I have recently decided upon a new story to write. This one is a mystery, so while I was doing some research, I came across his book, Police Procedure and Investigation. Continue reading

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The Americans

The_Americans_2013_IntertitleSo, the novel is…well, I’m thinking about it. Why does life have to get in the way like it does?  So many other things to deal with throughout the day. And I’m a master procrastinator, and what does this procrastinator do to facilitate the procrastinating? She watches television!

I just finished watching the first episode of The Americans. When I first saw the trailer for this show, I was definitely intrigued, but I wasn’t totally sold. Well, throw it in the bag, because they’ve convinced me to buy!  Having grown up in the 1980’s I adore this show and can totally relate – the music, the cars, the outfits. I also think that having grown up in this time period, the show hits the nail on the head for me in terms of making me feel slightly uncomfortable rooting for the spies. As an adult, obviously, I have a different understanding of that time period and the players in the Cold War, but as a child, I just remember being scared that the Russians were going to drop a bomb on us. I wonder how others have reacted to it, particularly those under the age of 30.

The Americans

With this first episode the creators, writers and everyone else have done an excellent job balancing the human side of this couple with their reality and their conflicting loyalties. Add to that expertly executed suspense and I think this may be my favorite new show of the season. (I’m still a fan of 666 Park Ave., but since they’ve canceled that show and haven’t even aired the final episodes, my enthusiasm for it has most definitely waned.) I think I was expecting something drier and not quite as exciting.  Something more…historical? But, they seem to have the history in there, while making it exceedingly entertaining to watch. And that last scene!

The timing on this show also seems appropriate, as opposed to something like Zero Dark Thirty, which admittedly I don’t know much about, but seems to be in very poor taste, especially in light of that Esquire article. The creators of this show waited at least two epochs (the post-Cold War era and over a decade of our current era) before they created this show, which allowed them to create something that feels real instead of something that feels like propaganda. Well, as real as an undercover KGB spy thriller in which the FBI agent that is pursuing them lives next door can feel real. But, any which way you slice it, it is some damn fine television.


After writing this post I had a quick look around at what some other bloggers are saying about this show.  My first impressions Continue reading

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I got a little distracted…

Yeah… There was vacation, then the step-son for a week, then a crazy week of spring-cleaning… That was pretty much the last month.  Hmm…that’s only three weeks though.  Well, I am sure I wasted a week or two in there somewhere.  But, wow, I can’t believe it has been over a month since my last post.

My dissertation is still in process.  *big sigh* I’ll get there “soon.”  I absolutely have to finish it by the end of this month though (I haven’t said that in a previous month already, did I?).  I really want to finish it now, though, because in addition to this whole “becoming an author” thing, I have decided on my next avenue of research and would really like to get started with that as soon as possible.  And, of course, the longer it takes to finish the diss, the longer all those other plans get postponed.  This means, for instance, I have made no progress on that novel I decided to write.

Okay, full disclosure here…I’ve been playing a video game.  I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but my name changed to Verity.  This is because I have started a blog for her and unfortunately, the name that shows up as author of my threads has to be the same across all of my WordPress blogs.  (If I am missing something and this isn’t true, please let me know.  Thanks!)

Verity is a character in The Secret World, which came out just over a week ago and is AWESOME!  It is an MMO, which basically means that I am playing this game with a bunch of other people all around the world.  One of the things I like to do when I play MMOs is roleplay.  I like to inhabit my character and live out her life in-game.  The Secret World is cool, because instead of being a fantasy-based game, it takes place in an alternate version of our real world, which means that using social media, like blogs and Facebook, is totally acceptable.  The blog I keep for her is “in-character,” which means it is written as though she were real and experiencing the things she is in-game. (I know some of you already know these terms, but for those of you who do not…)

For awhile now I have wanted to write a post about roleplaying.  This is not that post.  But, I wonder sometimes if the roleplaying saps creative juices that I should be funneling into writing my novel (let alone finishing my dissertation).

Anyway, if anyone has wondered, that is why my name is now Verity and my new blog may seem a little strange.


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Time, time, time – where do you go?

Wow, it has been two weeks since I’ve posted anything.  I swear, as I get older time seems to speed up.  It slips away so quickly.

Well, I am still not finished with my dissertation.  I still have not started my write-a-book-in-a-month project.  And I still do not have a job.  What have I been doing for the past two weeks?  I am not entirely sure.  How does the time fly by so quickly without any visible productivity on my part?  *sigh* I have been distracted with a video game – one that has not even been officially released yet.  I have upgraded my computer to play said video game. I have 25 new books on my Nook.  I sent out one job application.  And I coded 50 articles.  In two weeks, these are my accomplishments.  That accounts for maybe 20 hours of work, in 14 days.  *sigh*

I have always had a problem with motivation and procrastination.  Stick a deadline in my way and I will wait until the last minute, BUT it is enough to get my butt in gear and I WILL finish.  I always have.  Give me all the time in the world to finish a project and I putz around and never finish it.  And giving myself deadlines has never worked very well.

So here I am.  A month before said game releases.  At the end of my self-imposed deadline to finish the dissertation.  On the verge of the summer.  Responsibilities piling up and what am I doing?  I am researching Fall 2012 television premieres.  There are a few really interesting looking shows, but there is so much I have to get done between now and then!!

That is all.  I have not abandoned my writing dreams.  I have not forgotten about my blog.  I am just trying to find a way to force myself to deal with the responsibilities I am dreading, especially finishing the dissertation.

Like driving an old car without power-steering, I am trying to turn myself around to get back on track, but it feels like I just keep putting one hand over the other, over and over, turning that wheel…

Any ideas to motivate myself?

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