About this blog

I designed this blog as a way to document my journey from dreaming about writing a novel to actually writing it.

I am sure many of you can empathize with those moments when, by chance, the story that has been living in your head for years comes up in casual conversation.  You may say something to the effect of, “The story I want to write…” pause, then continue sheepishly, “well, you know, like we all have that story we want to write…”  We know we are not unique in this regard.  Most of us readers are aspiring authors, but we are not necessarily writers, because writers, well, writers write.  So, it is  embarrassing when we talk about our “book,” because it seems silly to talk about a book that will never get written.

Well, I’m tired of that feeling, so this is my attempt to do something about it.

My story is probably very similar to so many other “aspiring authors.”  I wrote all the time in middle school and even into high school, but somewhere along the way I got sidetracked without realizing it.  Sidetracked with things like successfully graduating from college, maintaining a job, getting married, and in my case, spending ten years muddling my way through graduate school.  You know, life.  Sometimes I look back on the past twenty or so years and part of me wishes that I been tenacious with my writing, but I know that how I spent those years has no bearing on what I can accomplish with the next twenty years.  And realistically, if I had devoted myself to maintaining my creative writing during that time, I may not have moved to Chile, I may not have met my husband and I may have never made it to grad school at all.

Everyone, from each middle-school student to each 90-year-old grandparent, has a plethora of experiences from which to draw when writing creatively.  For me, the past twenty years has been just that: experiences that have provided a unique palette that will shade my writing.

Now is the time.  Now is when I make it happen.  The particulars of this making-it-happen are not, as of yet, entirely clear to me, but that is what I intend to share with you as I discover them.

So, welcome to my writing blog.  I hope something I have to say helps you in your own writing journey.  And remember: TWADDLE – “better far write twaddle…than nothing at all.”


4 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Thanks for dropping by and following. This is a lovely piece here about your journey. I love Katherine Mansfield – though I didn’t know that quote, but how perfect! Good luck with your writing.

  2. Excellent! I started a novel in November as well. My mantra at any of the ‘sticking’ points was to just keep writing, be it gold or garbage. I even sometimes write “take this part out later” but I left it all in and got through the first 100 pages in a month. We can do it!

    Are you currently living in Chile?

    • 100 pages in a month? That’s amazing! Congratulations! I know exactly what you mean and I know that is what I have to do. I’m totally going to use that “take this part out later” strategy. 100 pages of crap is still 100 pages of something to work with, as opposed to a few pages of false starts. Yes, we can do it!

      I am not currently in Chile. Back around 2000 I was there for a year and half. I was engaged to a Chilean and planning on spending the rest of my life there. Plans change though and I ended up moving back to the States. Before then and since then I have spent several months off and on back there. I can hardly believe this, but it has already been 2.5 years since I’ve been in Chile. Wow. It has also been a LONG time since I’ve visited Santiago, but I’m really not much of a fan. I’m southern Chile girl, myself.

      By the way, I LOVE your blog. Every time I read it, it makes me homesick(?) for Chile. Can I be homesick for a foreign country? Anyway, it makes me miss it. Thanks for the comment and thanks for always bringing a piece of Chile to my boring, suburban neighborhood.

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